saddle bar stools

Set of TWO Western Saddle Bar Stools

ideas on how to make a saddle stool...

Great way to use those old saddles that are just takin up barn space

Saddle Bar at OST in Bandera, TX... Frickin AWESOME!!  Not that I like bars, unless they are coffee bars, nor do I care for the Moose on the wall, but you've got to admit, those bar stools, are amazingly awesome!

Saddle Bar in Bandera, TX. i want saddle bar stools in our new house!

saddle-bar-stools YES.... i'm making these...

Western Saddle Bar Stools: What a great idea for displaying all your championship saddles!

Julien Leather Bar Stool @ Grandinroad

Julien Bar & Counter Stool

Julien Leather Bar Stool - Grandin Road - traditional - bar stools and counter stools - Grandin Road. Wish they were cheaper