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A Handy Classroom Poster Featuring 6 Safe Search Engines for Kids ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


KidRex is a kid safe search engine powered by Google Safe Search and Google Custom Search. This is a great tool to implement in the classroom, especially for research type assignments.


'Kiddle' Is Google's New Search Engine, Made Just For Kids

If you worry about the limitless ways your kids can use Google to search for the really curious things in life like “dirty jokes” and “boobs” – worry no more. New search engine, Kiddle, allows kids to search in a safe place. Search results, curated by editors and Google SafeSearch promises


Using Child Safe Search Engines

Using Child Safe Search Engines- if you have students use computers to research you'll want to check this out!

A kids safe search engine from Google with tips and guidelines for safe internet activities for students.


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