Road Safety Poem - Stop, Look, Listen (FREE!)

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Road Safety Poem - Stop, Look, Listen. On the road the most important thing that will keep us safe and unhurt is our alertness. The children through this cute little poem will learn to use their five senses to keep them safe on the road.

traffic safety signs coloring pages                              …

Picture Only: Road Safety Sign Coloring Page Length of Time: minutes Contraindications: May be frustrating for children with visual deficits OT Goals: Identify what road signs look like, identify purpose of road signs, educate on road safety

Road Safety Bingo email for the details                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Road Safety Bingo email for the details Más

Awareness Campaign for the road safety charity brake. Made using illustrator.

This is a simple design saying that you can not drive and be on your phone at the same time.

Download this simple sequencing activity to help pupils practice the Green Cross Code #ChildSafetyWeek

Worksheet for Year 1 and Year 2 on the Green Cross Code. Children have to put the correct pictures in order to cross the road safely.

Traffic Safety: Use Crosswalks | Worksheet |

Traffic Safety: Use Crosswalks has some information on how to shop for the right insurance policy for a motorhome.

Time: minutes Contraindications: individual does not hold a valid drivers license, poor cognition, no interest to drive, OT Goal: educate client on road safety in order to ensure safe transportation.

Road Safety Certificate

Road Safety Certificate