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Safety Talk Topics

Books about the Tough Stuff: Stranger Safety, Safe Touches, and How Babies Are Made


You Are the Boss Of Your Body! Free downloadable coloring page to talk to children about their rights when it comes to body respect and keeping them safe from sexual abuse.


Teaching our children about the dangers of pornography

Mom Blog - Tips from a Typical Mom: Teaching our children about the dangers of pornography


Kindergarten Lessons for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Kindergarten Lessons for Sexual Abuse Prevention, This website, School Counseling by Heart has a lot of great resources and K-3rd grade lesson plans for teaching kids about sexual abuse. It's a difficult topic, but a VERY important subject to cover with little ones.


Madeleine Kuderick’s top 10 books that explore mental health issues

For a nice lesson in teenage gossip: After a crazy party, rumors about Alice start circulating. She quickly has to deal with the stories, the fallout with friends, and serves as a good cautionary tale for any middle schooler. Publication date: June 2014


Medication Safety Rules and Checklist

Use this safety checklist as the basis for a mini lesson about medication safety. Ask students to complete the safety checklist individually. Then ask them to share and discuss their responses with the class. It would be great to have a nurse as a guest speaker to talk about medication safety with the class!Topics covered include: doctor prescriptions, medicine cabinets, dosage amounts, trusted adults and rules for calling 911.Follow up this activity with the Medicine Safety Crossword…


Internet Safety or Digital Citizenship Interactive Notebook Pages K-5 BUNDLE

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Interactive Notebook Pages for Grades K-5. 31 Interactive notebook pages to supplement your internet safety or digital citizenship curriculum. These pages are designed to go with the Common Sense Media lessons for Internet Safety. Ideal for a classroom using interactive notebooks. $