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- Exactly What is the Very Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Gadget To Carry? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT...

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I can attest this. My mother's voice saved me from dying in a fire

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This a music video about being smart online. Kids remember stuff really well through music, so this is really good for them. It talks about not giving out personal information. It also talks about being careful and not talking to strangers. It also talks about being nice to others when online and not posting embarrassing things. It is fun, catchy, and exciting. Kids would learn a lot from this song.

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Books about the Tough Stuff: Stranger Safety, Safe Touches, and How Babies Are Made

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Top 15 Must-Have Children’s Books on Personal Safety and Emotional Health

Top 15 Must-Have Children’s Books on Personal Safety and Emotional Health — Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

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My Body Belongs to Me animated video that does a great job of discussing body safety. (Counselor Lessons)

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Teaching Kids How to Tell About Sexual Abuse

Teaching kids HOW to tell about sexual abuse. To stop child sex abuse, we've GOT to start talking about it!

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Edcanvas | Digital Citizenship: Talking Safely Online film/lesson about online safety

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Keeping Kids Safe from Inappropriate Touch

Books for kids about appropriate touch, safety, and sexual abuse from Pragmatic Mom. Along with reading about personal safety and talking with your children, use the Conscious Discipline tool of teaching them their "Big Voice" as featured in Dr. Bailey's book, Shubert's Big Voice. Statistics have shown that children who speak up are less vulnerable to many kinds of maltreatment. #iheartcd

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How to Keep Kids Safe

How to Keep Kids Safe. Take advantage of the day off and talk to your kids about keeping them safe.

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Who Would You Tell? Free coloring page to talk about body safety with kids and creating a circle of trusted adults that a child could talk to, if they ever need help.

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12 Cyber Dilemmas to Get Teens Talking: Get kids and teens talking about cyberbullying and online safety with these twelve conversation starters.

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Think B4 U Post

Think B4 U Post! #SocialMedia Maybe a good lesson for Smart School older groups this summer. Also a good thing to talk to camp girls and studio 56.

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Worksheets from the first lesson in my Safety Unit. We talked about what to do if you are in a dangerous situation. Contact me for lesson plans and worksheets. -Samara School counseling - guidance lessons

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How short our memories are. Missing one briefing could make all the difference between safety and 9/11.

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10 Children's Books about Safety and Stranger Danger via

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