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Saffron & Vanilla Infused Honey. Three simple, ancient ingredients – honey, saffron and vanilla – combine to create a never-to-be-forgotten flavor that is beyond words. It’s easy to make, stores indefinitely and will change the way you think about that simple gift of the bees – honey.

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Saffron is an ancient spice that has been revered for thousands of years not only for its flavor, but also for its amazing health benefits. Recently this all natural supplement has become popular for its weight loss benefits and mood enhancing properties.

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It Only Takes One Ingredient to Save And Restore Your Vision.

According to a recent research - this ingredient can save and restore your vision. Saffron for macular degeneration.


Pappardelle in Saffron Cream : Food Network

Pappardelle in Saffron Cream : Saffron threads, vanilla extract and fresh lemon juice turn this easy pasta dish into a decadent appetizer for two.


The Health Company 100% Pure Saffron Satiereal® Extract

Pure Satiereal® Saffron Extract. Clinically Proven to Suppress Appetite and Enhance Mood. Watch Out for Other Brands Stating They Have Pure Saffron Extract. If it Doesn't Say Satiereal® on the Ingredients Label, it Isn't the Clinically Studied Saffron