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Did you ever think about growing your own saffron? Learn how here. (25 Saffron Crocus Bulbs-Rare Spice-Crocus Sativus)

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Saffron is obtained from the saffron crocus, a flower that has lilac coloured petals..... all about saffron

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Saffron is the spice derived from the vivid crimson/orange 3 stigmas of Crocus sativus. At about $1,000 lb, an average pound contains about 50,000 flowers...all harvested by hand.

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I have a headcanon that Aza adores saffron flowers... And that when people talk about the big deal that having saffron as a spice is, Nen snickers immaturely.....

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Gathering Saffron in Navelli (Abruzzo, Italy). Saffron is obtained by collecting the flower stamens of a very specific iris flower. It is difficult work and that is the reason why saffron is so expensive.

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Saffron flowers benefits. Infographic. Summary of the general characteristics of the Saffron plant. Medicinal properties, benefits and uses more common of Saffron.

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