Sailor Scout Tiara Tuto by Bulleblue Cosplay  Learn how to craft a Sailor Moon (or other sailor scout) tiara or diadem.  I made it for my Sailor Neptune cosplay !

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Sailor collar tutorial by nyunyucosplay

Here is a tutorial for how to create a sailor collar - I made a Sailor Mercury collar, but it can be used for other things besides Sailor Moon costumes, such as school uniforms - just modify the pa.

las sailors scouts

Sailor Senshi transformation's in SM Crystal III never got to finish both crystal and orginial

Sailor Samurai - Cute, but Usagi is wearing her swords upside down.

Sailor Samurai

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Now Moonies can travel in style when they tote around one of these colorful Sailor Moon suitcases. Available in six Sailor Scout colors to choose from, you can keep your belongings safe while staying fashionable!

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Sailor Moon is how I met my best friend, so basically, without Sailor Moon, my life would fucking suck.

New Sailor Moon Images

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars,Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus

These Quirky Sailor Moon Illustrations are Awesome: Sailor Scout of Love and Courage, Sailor Jupiter

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