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金鳳山 平林寺

Heirin-ji is a Rinzai temple of the Myoshin-ji branch located in Niiza city, Saitama prefecture, Japan, a city just outside of Tokyo

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(Koedo) Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan: town with remnants of old culture from the Edo Period

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A monk at Heirin-ji temple, Saitama, Japan. Heirin-ji is a Rinzai temple located in Niiza city, just outside of Tokyo.

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Alishan vegetarian cafe. 185-2 Komahongo Hidaka, Saitama Prefecture 350-1251 +81 42-982-4823

Japanese castles I've visited: #46 Kisai Castle in Saitama Prefecture.

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Oshi Castle in Saitama Prefecture. A nice little castle with some beautiful surroundings.

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Creator of 'sento' website bathing in early success

Shotaro Hino (center), president of Tokyo Sento, stands with his staff in front of Kirakuyu, a public bathhouse operated by his company in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, in April. | KYODO