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The world of sales can often be a daunting and challenging one. Juggling objections, rejection and those all important sales targets can sometimes lead sleepless nights among sales teams. We've all been there, whether it is starting a new career in a sales force or entering your tenth year as a high flying sales executive.


Check out the results from a unique SuperOffice sales survey and read the 8 Sales Habits of Highly Effective Sales People.

Sales managers at small businesses face countless challenges on a daily basis; for many of them, overcoming these very challenges is why they love going to work every morning.

Sales objections, though frustrating, are an inescapable part of the selling process. Sales associates often hear objections that sound something like - “A competitor is offering the same service at a lower price”, or “We will need a 10% discount to make the purchase”, or “The additiona...

As an entrepreneur, it's vital to understand the advantages of technology in small business. Surveys say that small business owners fall behind in modern technology use, while successful entrepreneurs report significant business benefits by employing current technology.

20 Critical Customer Service Skills All Sales Reps Should Master

20 Critical Customer Service Skills All Sales Reps Should Master


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"Write so people will buy not just products, but also ideas."----- How to craft words that sell

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