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Vicente Alvarado held without right to bail after allegedly assaulting estranged girlfriend and killing her kitten

"Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder ruled Thursday that prosecutors can hold Alvarado without right to bail for 90 days because there are no conditions that will insure the safety of the public and the woman."

34 Islander Center Console Fishing Boat like Fountain Contender Donzi Yellowfin

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Top 10 Most Remarkable Coincidences in History

INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND. They were killed and it was blamed on some crazy guy and not the truth that it was a government conspiracy.


Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase, implemented the National Banking Act and was named chief justice of the Supreme Court. Learn more at


salmon p chase | Salmon P. Chase: A Biography By John Niven

Salmon P. Chase, Chief Justice, and also Secretary of the Treasury, was the first to admit an African-American to argue a case before the Supreme Court--John Rock.


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