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Yellow tang is a marvelous looking salt water fish. It belongs to the Acanthuridae fish family. This is one of the threatened marine creatures

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blue tang fish | life of sea blue tang paracanthurus hepatus the blue tang is also ...

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Mandarinfish, also called the Mandarin goby or Mandarin dragonet. A saltwater fish found from the Japanese Ryukyu Islands south to Australia.

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Purple Tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum) is a marine reef tang, & inhabits the Red Sea, the west coast of India, the east coast of Africa, & the Persian Gulf, where it may live at water depths of 3 to 65 feet or more.Its Beautiful.Donna Spinner

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Porcupine puffer. (My dad had one named happy before i was born) To go in my salt water aquarium

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The 15 most beautiful aquarium fish in the world Infographic ~ Salt water tanks.