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danger days just makes me feel happy<< SAME but like also Bulletproof Heart YES I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH

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The Day of the Doctor - I liked how the second time, she said "Same software, different face." Rose knew. She always knew he was the same, no matter how he changed. She loved all of him. And the Bad Wolf would do anything to save him.

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Challenge Day #10 Saddest Episode. As if there is any competition. Doomsday. It has it's hilairious moments as all Doctor Who episodes do, but I can NEVER watch it the same way ever again! End of Time was also sad, with Ten's regeneration and all. I'd like to point out that I haven't yet seen Angels take Manhatten, but I'm watching on Saturday before the new episode.

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Two hearts breaking… both of them his.<<<< HOLY GALLIFREY I CANT HANDLE ANYMORE FEELS

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Best part about this was that the day I found this picture I actually had watched Captain America, paused when I saw her, and immediatly freaked out

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Dr. Sleep. Great book, reminiscent of older King books. Just the right amount of humanity and horror all within the realm of "just maybe." I know I'll never look at motorhomes on the highway the same way.

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I love nine, but eleven is still up there I agree with everything said about nine but eleven really is a puppy in a fez, something tells me that he never really forgot what happened but chose to bury his memories because of the pain that it has caused him, and he does care about helping people and does wonderfully so!

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Doctor Who Challenge - Day 5 Favorite Alien: Ood [since I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to repeat Jack (my fave companion), and the Silurians & Adipose aren't technically aliens]

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