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Michigan Secretary of State, information in voter registration, local ballots, state-wide proposals and sample ballots

I hosted a chili cook-off at the office. A blind contest, each chili represented by a letter and fun name on the ballot. Each competitor got a silver tray, which they filled with 40 2-oz cups/samples.

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Throwing a Great Housewarming Party

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Draft Sample Ballot for Transhumanist Bill of Rights Shows sample ballots and has some in depth coverage of candidates (if they choose to respond) League of Women Voters

Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton Buttons And Sample Ballot BUY IT NOW ONLY: $45.0


States that use an open primary There are 14 states that use a purely open primary process: Alabama Arkansas Hawaii Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana North Dakota South Carolina Tennessee Vermont Virginia Wisconsin An open primary is a primary election in which any registered voter can vote in any party's primary. Voters choose which primary to vote in, and do not have to be a member of that party in order to vote.