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I think adding a chalkboard sign to the front of Mushnik's store would add a nice, relaxed touch to the shop. It would add a rustic feel to it too.


Make a few of these from found/reused materials and decorate them as "FEST-ive Fun" boards. We can then let fest goers add pictures, signs, art, etc. with a roll of duct tape that we have hidden/tied under the sign frame. For each sign we'd need a hinge or two, a roll of duct tape, and some "festive fun" heading graphics or handpainted ones


Newcomer Workshop Coffee launched onto the London coffee scene in 2011 with a promise to source, roast and serve the best coffee possible. It has been true to its word with an award-winning café in Clerkenwell and a small hole in the wall coffee bar in Marylebone. This week we go in search of the city's new breed of coffee roasters. We tell you where to go, what to order, and even how to subscribe, to get your regular coffee fix from this growing band of artisans .