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Scotland's top walks: Sandwood Bay, Sutherland This amazing beach in the middle of nowhere. It feels untouched by human beings." Despite its remoteness this perfect arc of sand and dunes is popular with day-trippers. "It's right next to Cape Wrath. To think the Vikings, even the Spanish Armada sailed past here. It's the history of the place. It's the historical landscape of the place that I find interesting.

from BBC News

Your Pictures of Scotland: 10 - 17 June


Spot a mermaid. Mystery hangs over Sandwood Bay, the most remote beach in Britain, like sea mist. Inaccessible save for a four mile hike over a bog from a deserted car park, this is where, in the 19th Century, the last mermaid sighting in Britain was recorded. If you fail to commune with any merfolk, check out the stunning sea stacks off the Sutherland coast.