Different Kirito's, ALO and SAO are out but GGO is from Sword Art Online's second season which just came out.

The 3 Kirito's! SAO, ALO, and GGO! I like GGO Kirito the best. ~Which is your favorite Kirito?

Sword Art Online - Kirito in GGO

Sword Art Online /GGO - Kirito He is soooo cooooooool😍😍

Sword Art Online

Gun Gale Online Sinon Probably my favourite female character from all three games.

Fun facts about Shino (Sinon). -- Sword Art Online, season two, SAO, GGO, Gun Gale Online, anime

that explains a bit.but then why not use them for her avatar in GGO

OMFG IM IN LOVE  Sao my fave                                                                                                                                                                                 More

All men search for the girl who makes this true for them. The goal is to never give her a reason to leave once you have.

Sword Art Online, Asuna, by Himura Kiseki

Sword Art Online, Asuna, by Himura Kiseki