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Oh how I love these 2. Sarah Jane Smith was an epic companion. 4 was of course brilliant.

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"The first and last time Sarah Jane Smith met the Doctor. Right in the feels" <---Not True. She met Eleven.

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The Doctor appears in Sarah-Jane's show! << The Sarah Jane Adventures was the best tv show in life<<<<<< Oh,man! I soooo can't wait to see that episode!!

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The Doctor & Sarah Jane, only companion with him during 4 regenerations <3 <3

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This is why Sarah Jane is and always will be awesome. -- I loved this episode! Wish I could find more of the Classic Doctors online....

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Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen) with her own companions from "The Sarah Jane Adventures."

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The Sarah Jane Adventures ~ "Death of the Doctor" featuring Jo Grant (Katy Manning), Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith

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Sarah Jane Smith: Ghost Town

Elisabeth Sladen | Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who: she will always be the best companion

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Sarah Jane Smith: The Tao Connection