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Almost every girl is fascinated by nail art and wants to use it for expressing her creative skills. But the high prices and tough availability of products and equipments required for creating nail art designs.. #creative #designnz #plastic #wrapnail #art #tips #nailgrowth,


Ok here's a little "how to" to keep your feet soft! Step 1- exfoliate your feet best you can Step 2- apply thick lotion or Vaseline Step 3- take Saran Wrap an wrap your foot up! Step 4- put a sock over the Saran Wrap Step 5- chill for atleast 15mins You want to use the Saran Wrap because that will lock the lotion to absorb on your skin rather then just using a sock, which with just a sock the cotton will soak up that lotion quicker then your skin can! #diy #beauty #nails