Ken Kaneki || Haise Sasaki

Ishida's art style has really improved and I love it! Kaneki ken and Haise sasaki

Kaneki, Touka, Tsukiyama, Yomo, Uta, Suzuya, Rize, Nishiki, Ayato, Hide, Ryouka, Hinami, Arima, Kaneki, and Sasaki ||| Tokyo Ghoul + Durarara!! Fan Art

Tokyo Ghoul, Durarara cross over - I love it two of my favourite anime combined :D

Haise Sasaki - Tokyo Ghoul :re hot dad

Sasaki Haise<<is the only person who can pull those glasses off

Hide and Sasaki - Why ? Who did this - Tokyo Ghoul

That's just rude Hide and Sasaki Haise (Kaneki Ken) - Tokyo Ghoul

Haise Sasaki | Tokyo Ghoul :re

Mais je penses que c est mieux si tu ne sais rien a propos moi, OK?

Haise Sasaki

Tokyo Ghoul (ç)almayınız💫

Kaneki ken&Haise Tokyo Ghoul - Takuwest(沢西) Ken Kaneki Cosplay Photo - Cure WorldCosplay

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I don’t know how to deal with TG:re 55

The last version of kaneki is scary, i like him like that. Each version has its cool perks. TG:re 55

Umbrellas through the Years ||| Kaneki, Hide, Touka, Tsukiyama, Arima, and Sasaki ||| Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art

Tokyo Kushu / Tokyo Ghoul umbrella "Raindrops fall down on me so cold but so tenderly Could we put hearts together though we're far so apart? Do you think of me? Care for me? I get so alone.