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Sassafras albidum (Sassafras, White Sassafras, Red Sassafras, or Silky Sassafras) is a species of Sassafras native to eastern North America, from southern Maine and southern Ontario west to Iowa, and south to central Florida and eastern Texas. It occurs throughout the eastern deciduous forest habitat type, at altitudes of sea level up to 1,500 m. It formerly also occurred in southern Wisconsin, but is extirpated there as a native tree.


Dad said he used to dig this up when he was a kid....peeled it like ginger amd boil it to make tea... Saassafras harvesting and grandmother used to make sassafras tea!


All About Sassafras and a Homemade Sassafras Chai Recipe

Sassafras root used to be heavily harvested, but confusion led to a lower use. Let's take a look at what it is, what it's good for, and a yummy Sassafras Chai recipe!


10 Medicinal Uses Of Sassafras Oil For Skin And Health

10 Medicinal Uses Of Sassafras Oil : Sassafras has been used as a medicinal and aromatic herb since ancient times in America. Let’s take a look how this essential oil can help us in various ways


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Details about VTG Owens 3i Embossed Glass Fluted Graduated Medicine Pharmacy Bottle Sassafras

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sassafras oil, sassafras oil, sassafras oil Sassafras Oil 16 oz Available in 16 oz - 8 oz and 4 oz 100% Pure, and have not been cut nor diluted. Sassafras is one of three species of laurel and the only one that is native to eastern North America (the other two are found in eastern Asia), and it is considered the most important. It may be a small, aromatic bush or grow as a large, deciduous tree to a height of fifty or sixty feet