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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sassafras Tea

Once limited to America, Sassafras tea is now used across the world for its many health benefits. Given here are 10 amazing health benefits of this miraculous drink

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Ever have Sassafras Tea? Check out this wild edible plant that was used to flavor root beer!

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Making Soap with Tea

making soap with tea. Interesting idea how the temp of the tea/coffee marks the depth of color you will have in your soap.

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All About Sassafras and a Homemade Sassafras Chai Recipe

Sassafras root used to be heavily harvested, but confusion led to a lower use. Let's take a look at what it is, what it's good for, and a yummy Sassafras Chai recipe!

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Sassafras - Traditional (Ga-Na-S-Da-Tsi) Native American Tea

Natural food stores carry Sassafras Root in a dried form. It will resemble wood chips. Sassafras tea may act as a diuretic, reducing excess water weight and swelling.

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Mango Black Bean Chicken Quinoa Bowls

Mango Black Bean Chicken Quinoa Bowls |

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How To Harvest And Use Sassafras

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The many uses of Sassafras : steam distillation of dried root bark produces an essential oil consisting mostly of safrole used in soaps, food and aromatherapy. A medicinal root thought to be effective in treating ague (fevers) and STD, with wood was prized for its beauty and durability. The roots of sassafras can be steeped to make tea and can can also be used as an anticoagulant.

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