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Obama's America... CORRUPTION & HYPOCRISY!!! 1/20/17 God Bless President Elect Trump & GOODBYE OBAMA!!!

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This is why Brendon is bae, and even though I hate the word bae, Brendon Urie is bae

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Truth be told....i vomited in my mouth and wont go past the smart people facts

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Report: In 2016, a Christian Was Killed Somewhere in the World Every Six Minutes |

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To Be Clear: Trump would rather trust the guys who try to steal US military technology rather than the guys who tracked down Osama bin Laden.

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Everyone thinks My Chemical Romance is just for satanic people but it's so inspirational.

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panic! concerts ladies and gentlemen

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Pray with me ... May the God of peace shortly crush Satan under our feet. Romans 16:19-20 "...I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God of peace will crush satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. Amen." Romans 16:19-20

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I don't watch Supernatural and I swear form the outside you do look like your on crack. (And then some)

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How do you shoot yourself twice in the head?

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Carrie Fisher Hoax - Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford Exposed - Celebrity "Retirements" - YouTube

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“Something was badly amiss with the spiritual life of the planet...Too many demons inside people claiming to believe in God.”

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MP3 Al Carraway | "When Satan Tells You You're Ugly"

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I hate you leakycaudron

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Andy in American Satan

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A court of mist and fury

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The Weeknd + Lana Del Rey #Stargirl_Interlude

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Score! Touchdown! Game over!!.........OMG....LOL.....THIS IS FUNNY BUT TRUE

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I think this is really the first time I felt Tumblr was so incredibly accurate... And creepy and high as f_ck

I think this is really the first time I felt Tumblr was so incredibly accurate... And creepy and high as f_ck

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Everyone likes MCR, even if you say you don't you still do, so of course Satan is clapping

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OMG hollywood is disgusting.. even Whoopi Goldberg "well I don't think it was 'rape rape' " Dear God protect the children from the money hungry satanists Hollywood Liberals Celebrate Child Rapist - YouTube

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Satanic pigeons confirmed

The site that deprives you of productivity one minute at a time. Replacing productivity with entertainment since 2010.

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Keith and ronnie 1981

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