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Photo Essay: The old town of Al-Ula - Saudi Arabia

Walking the streets of the old city of Al-Ula #Saudi Arabia


Hijazi coffee (also known as almond coffee, white coffee,or sweet coffee) is a popular drink in the Hijaz area of Saudi arabia (hence the name Hijazi coffee).Despite being called Hijazi coffee, this drink has no coffee or caffeine for that matter.It uses ground almonds in the place of ground coffee beans making it a perfect option for those who want to enjoy a warm drink while keeping their caffeine intake in check.This white “coffee” is velvety smooth, rich without being overly so. Add the…


Al Masjid Al Nabawi (المسجد النبوي)

Ornate doors of Masjid Nabawi (the Prophet's Mosque), Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Built by the Islamic prophet Muhammad It is the second holiest site in Islam.


Eleven things you should NEVER do in Saudi Arabia… or you could be risking your LIFE

Pray for Christian witnesses in Saudi Arabia to be able to go from place to place two by two bearing the message of King Jesus!!