Sautéed Kale With Garlic and Olive Oil | Food & Wine; plus I'd add some sauteed mushrooms to this baby. YUMMERS!!

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The Most Awesome Sauteed Kale! This is the number one recipe at Whole Food | Real Families for 2 years running. Turn your kale-haters into kale-lovers! @Whole Food | Real Families

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Sauteed Kale with Garlic and Onion is perfect whenever you need more green food in your life, and this tasty kale side dish is about as healthy as it gets, but also delicious. [found on]

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Who says Kale cannot taste good? Add some bacon and garlic and you're all set - Sauteed Kale with Bacon and Garlic. Naturally, gluten-free and low-carb!

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This is a technique that elevates basic sauteed greens into something even more savory and tender.

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