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25 Girl names that give you a leg up in life

Long gone but fighting strong by Saving Annabel Lee. "I can't be who i was before but is that a horrible thing. I feel pain but I standing on my feet. But I am losing the feeling. I am feeling so lost. I need someone to give all they've got. I don't want to ask. I just want to love one more time. But I can't. I am long gone. But I'll still fight strong."

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This is why I've failed to let go. Believe it or not, when I met you.. you saved me. My chaotic life came to a stop, everything fell into place. Then you gave up on me; you brought the chaos back. ALWAYS HAPPENS

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i feel like im drowning and then i have 3 choices 1try as hard as i can 2 stop trying and let go and lastly 3 wait for someone to save me but that would be suicide if they didnt get me in time...

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i always thought you'd be the one to save me, not the one that pushes me off the edge.

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Now, I'm not depressed. And I don't want to die. But my insecurities are taking over my life. And I can't stop it. It just keeps building up and building up

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