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Saving Sam is a great activity for building teamwork in your classroom. Check out the blog post for more great ideas!


Saving Sam is a great Back To School activity that my students love to complete each year! Not only does it promote teamwork, but it requires students to problem solve as well.What I love about this activity, besides the fact that my kids think it's FUN, is that I get to see first hand their problem solving skills, their ability to work together as a group, and I get a glimpse of their writing skills.


All For the Love of Teaching: Saving Sam: A Team-Building Activity


Free: Save Sam with STEM! With a gummy worm, gummy lifesaver, a cup, and a paperclip, students will work in teams of two to solve a STEM challenge. Based on a popular STEM activity, we have added the engineering design process to this free activity. Perfect for an introduction to engineering in grades k-6 or a staff workshop.


Can You Save FRED? Great STEM activity!

Can You Save FRED? Great STEM activity!


scientific method: Saving Sam An excellent way to get students to explain their procedure. Have them write it out like they were explaining it to someone who had no idea what they were doing. 5th graders did this and loved it! They wanted to try it over and over to see if they could do it with less paper clips


Plot twist! Dean failed bringing his brother out of the fire when he was 4. Sammy died, Dean has spent the past 30 something years in a coma, and John would make up stories about evil monsters and hunters that saved people in order to comfort him. John died of a heart attack though at the end of season two, so Dean's dreams have only gotten more twisted. Because he knew, deep in the back of his mind, that his father was gone. And it killed him.


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All I want is another episode where Sam and Dean go to a Supernatural convention and Sam runs into a bunch of Sam!girls who, not realizing who he is, go on and on and on about their favorite character and why he’s kind and beautiful and pure and just all these different things and about how Sam saved the world and just... I just want Sam to hear how amazing he is.