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That's definitely me because Halloween is my joint #1 Horror Movie Franchise ( Series ) with SAW


Wigged Pig Mask from Saw

Hans Gissinger is a photographer who is obsessed by perfection and esthetic exploration. He is passionate about the grotesque and the reality of his characters and protagonists, who often seem to be taken from the Comedia dell’arte. In his work, violence and contempt are perfectly balanced, and the highest plastic quality is maintained and idealized.


I had a dream recently that Leather Face was in my house but he wasn't trying to kill me. I turn to Leatherface and say "ok I'm tired now, gonna go take a shower....Now, don't you come up stairs and try to scare me with that pig mask!!" Leather face was wearing the pig mask from SAW, he kinda laughed at me, started up his chainsaw and went downstairs. It was weird, and comforting to feel safe in that dream. I was untouchable. I wasn't the victim, I was the monster.

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Children's Masks for Halloween