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An index of 327 English Sayings in Spanish #Spanish #Idioms #List
10 Words We Say In Spanish That Aren’t Really Spanish
How to say in Spanish :"I am very tired" La página del español | Learn and Teach Spanish one lesson a day
Así  se  dice  en....
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Simon Says in Spanish – Fun Way to Learn Parts of Body!
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TEMA:Las tradiciones y los valores sociales. Lee cada uno de los refranes. 2. Selecciona dos que te gusten 3. Escribe 3 preguntas para cada refran 4. Da 3 ejemplos para cada refran 5. Haz un dibujo con un simbolo del refran. 6. Presentalo a la clase. Actividades por M. Melara
Formas de saludar, despedirse, agradecer, elogiar... ¡Muy completo!
A very simple and useful infographic created by Don Quijote that explains the Spanish regular verbs in present tense.
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Gustar in Spanish - Sentence Structure and Word Order - How to say you like something in Spanish
Ok ok ok so this is an In the Heights/Hamilton mashup and I 100% approve (no mi diga means "you don't say" in Spanish)
A practical, complete guide to the many #proverbs and #sayings (in #Spanish) used in the modern language. Newspapers, speeches, even television and movie dialog routinely use these, so knowing them is vital. From: The Language Realm    Check out the list here: www.languagerealm...
Use this Connect Four game to have students practice their Spanish numbers. They have to say the equation aloud in Spanish along with the sum.