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Spend some time alone to get to know yourself. Then, when you meet the person who makes you cells dance, you'll be sure it, because you're sure of yourself.

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Living Right Now: The True Meaning of Renunciation

Getting our priorities straight + leading a meaningful life.

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Say what... pondering this thought

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Rumi's answer to questions asked by a disciple - What is Poison? He replied with a beautiful answer - Anything which is more than our necessity is Poison. It may be Power, Wealth, Hunger, Ego, Greed, Laziness, Love, Ambition, Hate or anything What is fear.....? Non acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept that uncertainty, it becomes adventure...! What is envy ? Non acceptance of good in others If we accept that good, it becomes inspiration...! What is Anger? Non acceptance...

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It is in acknowledging and writing our blessings also. Keep a blessing journal.

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Endings are also beginnings

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Embrace the pain of letting go of that which is not good for you. You are stronger than the pain. You can survive and you will thrive again. ~Les Brown

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You can still enjoy your life

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