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Scandinavian Fireplaces And Accessories

Iris Hantverk Fireplace Tools Set - Birch ($354) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring home, home decor, fireplace accessories, wood, fireplace tool set, fireplace tools, scandinavian home decor, fire tools and hearth tools

Another pinner said "Vintage fireplaces. Pinning this bc my parents just ripped that orange one out our family room and sold it to a young couple who were so excited to purchase it. I grew up with that orange fireplace. Hilarious to see it back in home vogue".


The perfect fireplace accessories - Eldvarm

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Modern Fireplace Tools? — Good Questions

Q: I'm moving into a house with a wood burning fireplace and find myself in need a fireplace tool set. I'm having a hard time find one that is modern or Scandinavian modern for under like $1,000. Under a $150 would be more inline with my budget. Does anyone know where of any great looking sets out there? Thanks. Sent by Becky

The concept is simple. Made of elegant soapstone, these environmentally responsible wood-burning Tulikivi's takes advantage of a thermal-mass principle used for centuries in Scandinavian fireplaces. Unlike a conventional fireplace, which sends warm air up your chimney, the Tulikivi soaks up the fire's heat and stores it. Then it slowly and gently releases the warmth long after the fire has gone out


Cyan Design Sofina Log Holder ($138) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring home, home decor, fireplace accessories, fireplace, decor, christmas, fillers, detail, embellishment and fireplace log holder