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Scandinavian Food Mills

Hardtack (Ships Biscuits). The name hardtack refers to the iron hard biscuits that were stored on ships during the Tudor and later periods. They were a staple part of the diet.


Kalles kaviar - can be purchased online at, so I don't have to go all the way to Ikea.


Gluten Free Ebelskivers! These are so good I immediately called my mom to give her the recipe... you MUST make them.


In #Slavic #mythology evil (male) spirits usually live in water nearby watermills.Those spirits, discovering from Serbian stories, used to be humans that usually did evil to other humans. Their punishment is to live forever in water. People believe that damage on watermills and bridges is made by those evil spirits. #Vodenjak make people drown and become their slaves. To stop them from doing that evil, people usually sacrificed chicken or a sheep.


Mills Kaviar. Norwegian salty bread spread made of cod roe. Use on top of egg slices or with mayo and cucumbers. Some like the salty taste with gauda cheese. The blue tube is the best.