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Scandinavian Game Tables

Gravefinds of game playing pieces. (A) a carved wooden hnefi. (B) an ivory chessman from the Isle of Lewis set. (C) lampworked glass playing pieces in blue and green glass including a detailed hnefi made in two colors of glass from Birka, Sweden. (D) stylized bone and jet pieces from England. (E) tablut pieces very similar to modern stylized chessmen, the Swedish king resembles a king, the Swedish hunns pawns, and the Muscovites like bent rooks. (F) dice and game counters from Hedeby.


Hnefatafl, also called The King’s Table, is a two-player game originating about 400 A.D. in Iceland, Scandanavia, Ireland, and Lappland. One unusual aspect, rare for a board game, is that the two s...


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19th-C. Scandinavian Game Table

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