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Scandinavian Holiday Storage

Stone work surface and wooden shelves in the kitchen of photographer Michael Sinclair.

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7up Lefse...made with potato flakes (Hungry Jack potato flakes, please). We had a lefse making party and 7up Lefse was the favorite. Plus, easy peasy! :-) Lefsa uff da!

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After a holiday in France, Menno and Tessa decided to design and built their own home. The couple mainly used natural materials and added a lot of storage, because with 3 children it’s nice to keep clutter behind doors. The light living space with open kitchen was a priority for the couple. Their trip to France …

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How To Make Lefse--step-by-step instructions with pictures. Lefse is a Scandinavian flatbread made with potatoes. The dough is rolled very thin and then fried on a hot grill. It is enjoyed in many ways. Traditionally it is buttered, sprinkled with sugar, and then rolled up and eaten as a sweet treat, or it is just spread with butter and rolled up to be eaten in accompaniment with some type of savory food, such as meat and vegetables.

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Kitchen life (Stil Inspiration)

Kitchen life

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