Strengthening the rotator cuff - exercises (video)

Outline of shoulder showing parts of shoulder joint: acromion, coracoid process…

Muscle Identification

Why do shoulder problems affect the rest of the body? Many of the muscles that attach onto the shoulder girdle also attach onto the: Neck (Levator Scapulae, Upper Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid) Mid Back (Rhomboids, Trapezius) Lower Back (Latissimus Dor

individual muscles - origin, insertion, action, innervation and arterial supply

TERES MAJOR// Origin: inferior scapula// Insertion: lesser tubercle of humerus// Action: medial rotation, adduction, extension of shoulder

Shoulder blade (scapula) muscles: origin, insertion, function

Image Of Shoulder Blade Image Of Shoulder Blade scapula (shoulder blade) anatomy, muscles, location, function. image of shoulder blade

Levator Scapulae | Brent Brookbush

10 / 11 Muscle / Tissue - Anatomy & Physiology 1 with Sayers at Rutgers University - Camden - StudyBlue

scapula | Pectoral Girdle (4): CLAVICLE -- SCAPULA the shoulder bone

Scapular stabilization exercises can prove to be extremely beneficial for pain in their shoulder muscles. Read to learn the step by step guides for 11 exercises.

anatomy of the serratus anterior - be sure to check out the animated video on the shoulder. Cool visuals/video showing the movemnt/interactions.

anatomy of the serratus anterior - check out the animated video on the shoulder. visuals/video showing the movemnt/interactions.