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The Infinity Scarf Shirt Why It’s Great: Some people dream of forgetting their pants, but if they ever forget a shirt this is a posh option in a pinch. How to Wear It: Start with the scarf around the waist. Spread the fabric out for ample coverage, and then twist the length into a figure-8. Pull the twist up and over the head; adjust for modesty.

I'm all for creative clothes to save money. I'ma hit the craft store later and just make this instead of buying some fancy scarves. Poorness!

Wanna learn how to make a super cute and breezy summer top?  What if I told you it only cost me about 3.50? And what if I told you it took me about 5 minutes?! I thought so.  Guys, this shirt is a dream.


DIY: Como convertir tus chales/pañuelos en ropa

It seems like we always have at least one Hermes scarf up for auction on eDrop-Off. They’re a classic item that come in a variety of prints and they happen to be very practical because you can wear them … Continue reading →