This is a task on scatter plots using the Monopoly game. Students create a scatter plot comparing and graphing the spaces from GO and the cost of the space. The students analyze the graph, answer questions and create a poster that includes a graph and all of the data. Included is a blackline master guided worksheet, a PowerPoint that includes all parts of the task, blank graphs for the poster, and a property price list.

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This 2 page activity is a wonderful activity to have the students reviewing scatter plots/line of best fit/trend lines. It deals with tread on tir...

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3.2 - Relationships and Lines of Best Fit | Scatter Plots & Trends MFM1P Foundations of Mathematics Grade 9 Applied Math resources, videos, Khan Academy Practice #maths

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There are two scatter plot activities included. First, students walk through and discover the steps to construct, interpret, and model scatter plots given an example with positive correlation. Then, students apply what they discover to gather and organize data, write an equation for a trend line, and draw conclusions about the relationship in a scenario with negative correlation.Students will be able to construct and interpret scatter plots, draw an appropriate trend line and write its…

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Linear Equations and Scatter Plot Graphing from Tales of a Traveling Teacher on - (4 pages) - These are four activity guides that I developed to help my students practice linear equations.

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guessing "ages" of famous people. this could inspire some laughter... and get discussion going. would adapt to appropriate "age" levels of the group.

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Scatter Plot Worksheet | Problems & Solutions

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Scatter Plots and Line of Best Fit Interactive... by To the Square Inch- Kate Bing Coners | Teachers Pay Teachers

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