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(Open w/Aria) I had went out after school, donning a brown wig, red dress, tights, and heels. I was unaware one of my peers was near me until you tapped my shoulder. I spun around. "Aria?" They asked. I nodded


EMTs and Paramedic Students! Getting near test time, or getting ahead for next year? Right now you can get 3 months for the price of 2! Try our 90 day special! Follow the prescribed study methods and have all of the knowledge and mental tips required to destroy the NREMT! Pass on your FIRST TRY - GUARANTEED!


Little Chapel at Booker's Mill near Evergreen, AL. Booker's Mill is an old 200 acre pioneer farmstead located in Southwest Alabama about seven miles northwest of Evergreen. The mill site was first purchased by the John Guice family shortly after the civil war in the 1860's.


I did this! And on my last day of high school, I was in the library paying off my fines. The first grade class just happened to be there learning how to shelve books. I was a little puzzled when one of the little boys came up to me and asked if I was Makayla. I said, "yes" and he handed me a bookmark. I had made this bookmark in the fifth grade. I nearly hugged the little boy for returning it to me. I started my journey in Drummond my fifth grade year and I couldn't have finished it any…


harleylovequinnson: creativewoman88: linestorm: Fighting Words Active verbs to use in a fight scene or an otherwise violent encounter, color-coded by severity (with red as most intense and purple as most mild), and categorized by type of fight. harleylovequinnson, this might help you if you ever want to write your spy/ninja stuff again!!!  I don’t know about you, but I hate writing fight scenes for this very reason; I could never come up with the words. It’s one of the hardest things…


Circa, 1915. Rules for Teachers in the Caspar Lumber Company Schoolhouse near Fort Bragg, California. Mendo Rail History.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Substitute Info Flipbook (Editable Flip Book)

Editable quick reference flip book to help substitutes find the most important info they need about your class at a glance. Print on brightly colored paper and hang in a prominent location near your desk so that a new substitute can easily find it, and have necessary information at his/her fingertips!


This is what happens when the production crew lets me have the car and some time to myself. Aberlemno, Scotland, near Forfar, inland from Carnoustie. Pictish ruins right by the country highway, down the street from a grade school. This stone likely 8th century A.D. (And it was a stick, right-side drive. So there.)