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Science Fair-pinning this for later. Been doing projects for years but we seem to forget each time. I think we block it out actually. Not a science fair fan. Lol

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Elementary School Science Projects

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The Ins & Outs of Science Fairs: Preparing Your Display Board & Presentation

Love how this can really help students with a base for their science fair board. Gives students an outline of what to have, and how to make it fit properly.


Science Fair Project Idea • Popcorn • I made the stripes out of red duct tape and a white board! Made kernels our of circles! Super easy and my son got an A+!

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Why Are Sunsets Red Orange? Science Experiment

4th grade science project. Pop Corn Pop Off Compare 4 brands of popcorn. 3 bags of each brand and count all popped corn and kernels not popped. Determine the average of popped kernels for each brand. Determine the average percent kernels popped per brand. Hypothesis chosen prior of which brand will have the highest average percent popped. Graphs made for each brand for all 3 bags as well as graph for percent popped and total popped