Make an anatomical model of the human heart! All it takes is some aluminum foil, crepe paper, pipe cleaners, and clay! Also, instructions for how to build a heart pump and represent blood flow!

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“ Found objects” are objects that have been created for a purpose other than art, and are usually every day objects, easily recognized for a utilitarian function. Their meaning in every day life is usually derived from their context in which we use them. By altering the objects’ context, or their form we can modify their meaning and significance.

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Earth - Science project idea You can use this to make a 3D model of the earths layers using colored clay or play-doe, fun hands on and educational at the same time. Russell S.

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How can you turn the wind into energy? In the "Make the Wind Work for You!" science project, students design various wind turbine blades to find out which produces the most energy.

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