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Yips Teach Kids the scientific method - could use to stress importance of research and making observations before you decide on hypothesis. Also to teach importance of continuing experiment if you do not get an answer.

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Scientific Method-Interactive Notebook Foldable

This is a terrific resource that your students will LOVE ! This scientific method foldable (petal book) will help your students memorize the steps of the scientific method. This resource is great for students from grades 2-5. -with whole group, small groups or individual configurations.

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Steps to the Scientific Method of Research

Scientific Method of Research

Steps of the Scientific Method (cut & paste) Activity from Sandy's Science Stuff on - (2 pages) - This is a cut and paste activity. Students cut out the steps and descriptions of the Scientific Method then sort them on a graphic organizer. Follow-up questions are included. Use this activity as part of an interactive notebook with Scientific Method Cor

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Make Learning Interactive Using QR Codes! (Cinnamon's Synonyms)

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In this lab students will learn the steps of the scientific method by identifying each step and applying each through a fun activity that compares variables between 2 types of bubble gum. Students will be asked to hypothesize, collect and organize data, use scientific measurement, and differentiate between qualitative and quantitative data.

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