Scorpion/Needle stretch!! I used my bed but you can use a couch or chair! Make sure you are breathing when doing this stretch and focusing mainly on balancing! Hope everyone has a nice day!! ∞Meg

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Scorpion Stretch

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This is a great idea for scorpion beginners if you've already started using the wall for your inversions!! Best Trap Music | Trap Radio | Radio Mix |Trap Music Mix #12 YouTube to Mp3 converte…

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i've started using the sofa to stretch for my scorpian. it really stretches out your lower back muscles xx

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How to pull a scorpion. Remember to take your time if you're just starting to work on it. Wouldn't want to pull anything! Good luck and have fun.(:

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Go Splits! 8 Stretches to Get You There. My goal is to do this.

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