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National animal of Scotland: Unicorn - This mythical majestic horse is a dream pet of millions of little girls, even boys. Scotland has a rich history and heritage which they preserve the best way they can. Their love for their country also knows no bound. The unicorn and the lion are both heraldic supporters in the royal coat of arms of United Kingdom. This emphasizes the unity between England and Scotland


Need to know: Scotland, unicorns and “the bearded troll that is Great Britain”

“Should Scotland be an independent country?” is a question Scots answered "no" to this week. Why did Scotland consider breaking up with the UK? Who else has stopped being British over the past few ...


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Prance With Unicorns in Inverness, Scotland Unicorns are the official animal of Scotland - legend has it that if a virgin maiden lies down in a field, a unicorn will come and lay down at her feet.

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SCOTLAND'S OFFICIAL ANIMAL IS THE UNICORN ~ And they're totally OK with it. The fictitious creature has long been associated with masculinity and power in Celtic legend. #Scotland #unicorn #Celtic

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Ten Unusual National Animals That Rival the Unicorn

Scotland doesn’t have the market cornered on exotic national symbols—check out the mouflon, the takin and the xoloitzcuintli