Creative Cartoon Styled Illustrations by Scott Benson

I would love to hang this as part of my holiday decor.  So great.

(Yule Goat by Scott Benson) The Yule Goat is a Scandinavian tradition that predates the arrival of Christianity in Northern Europe. The goat was a symbol of the Norse god Thor, whose flying chariot was

Steal Everything (b&w)- 8.5x11 Print by Scott Benson #print #cat #black_and_white

Steal Everything by Scott Benson

I really like Scott Bensons work so I will pin his reel here as inspiration from bits of work he's done.

Scott Benson Animation Reel 2012 by Scott Benson. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the new reel.

Little morning warm up drawing feat. some characters from Night in the Woods, Alec Holowka and Scott Benson’s amazing looking game which you should back on Kickstarter. Because if you follow me, I can assume you like sentimentality, romance, wonderment and video games so there’s a pretty much a 100% chance that you’re going to buy this game anyway. Back the Kickstarter or follow Night in the Woods on twitter for more info.

Little morning warm up drawing feat. some characters from Night in the Woods…

Gryla. "Not Santa - Set of 4 Holiday Cards by Scott Benson" by bombsfall on etsy

Each Christmas, Gryla comes down from her mountain dwelling to hunt for bad children. She places them in a sack and drags them back to her cave where she boils them alive for her favorite stew.

Hilarious but from the computer game night in the woods. 2d adventure and exploration game. Yay! $15 for digital copy. Come to mama.

The charming, melancholy Night in the Woods picks up where Gone Home left off

The Marvelous Fish Whale - Print by Scott Benson ($30.00) - Svpply

The Marvelous Fish Whale by Scott Benson, inspired by a Russian folk tale and an episode of Doctor Who, but which folk tale and which episod.

Scott Benson is working with game developer Alec Holowka on an adventure-type game called Night In The Woods. He's on characters, animation, story, all that good stuff. He's excited.  Kickstarter Trailer -

Night In The Woods - Kickstarter Trailer. Night In The Woods is an indie game made by Alec Holowka (Aquaria, Towerfall) and myself.