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Cub Scout Blue and Gold Lighted Camping Centerpiece. The tent is made out of hard clear plastic with a couple of paper silhouette figures taped to the side of the tent. I covered the tent with blue fabric and placed a cheap $ store book light in the tent. I added a lighted Campfire that I already had made and some misc camping stuff on a sheet of moss on a wood round.

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Daisy Scout "Money Counts" Leaf Petal activity. We did a candy store activity. The girls got 25 cents to spend on candy. They got a chart with squares numbered 1-25 and slips of paper with pictures and prices of candy. They could buy 25 cents' worth of candy by using the number chart to put together candy in any combination up to 25 cents, then they filled out an order form and traded it in for candy. All forms at…

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How To Build a One Sheet Boat — Having a boat can be great- you can catch your own fish, have fun out on a lake, or if the situations calls for it, get out of Dodge! Boats can be expensive, though, and if you can afford a larger one you’ll also have to worry about storing it.

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Love this Bridging set up from Rhode Island! Love love love the streamers in the background!

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I like this sign! year our troop sold at a booth sale on Valentines day and wrapped each box in a dollar store valentine cellophane goody bag. It was a big hit! This sign would be a great advertisement!

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Daisy Scout Green Petal "Use Resources Wisely" - mosaic on old cardboard using chips from grocery store food boxes. The trick is you have to start early collecting boxes of all colors - you won't find pink - and cutting them a few at a time for your girls. They need to be sorted by color and given to the girls in yogurt cups - don't mix up all the colors. A mod-podge layer on top would make it look really nice.

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