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Be you, do you and everyone around you...screw. It's always the screw. If you want the result, determine and be what it takes to get result. Incarcerate the clueless and classless with their apathy. And don't apologize.

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No matter what's good or going good in my life, I find a way to screw it up and I'm bout tried of this shit. I'm so stressed no matter what area of my life it is seem shit never goes my way. I fuck ever thing up. I'm just bout to give up on everything and everybody cause that what seems what every bodies doing to me. Ima put that smile on tho.

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The UNITED STATES gives these SNAKES 8 BILLION A YEAR - to allow Osama to screw over our largest ally in the Middle East.. It was like a feeding frenzy for terrorists to vote against Israel. Screw the United Nations - they are a joke!!!

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Capitalism is not one monolithic system/idea. Historically it has manifested in various forms. It is NOT in and of itself evil. In fact, Marx himself admired and was en-wondered by the success of capitalism but what we have now is a repugnant perversion of capitalism.

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Not sure when/if we will ever learn this, it might already be too late.

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"The problem with relationships today that everyone has been so screwed over by an ex that they're afraid to let their guard down again."

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