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20 Bits Of Trivia You May Not Know About "Scrubs"

Convinced the show would be cancelled after the first season, the writers never allowed the Janitor to interact with a character other than J.D. so that they could reveal he was a figment of the young doctor’s imagination in the final episode. | 20 Bits Of Trivia You May Not Know About “Scrubs” 20 trivia facts about scrubs

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A reminder why Scrubs was one of the best TV shows ever...

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Neil Flynn the actor that played The Janitor on scrubs was only supposed to be on the show for one season. But he was too funny a character to get rid of. He was so perfect for the role that in most of the scenes he was told to say and do whatever her wanted. No lines were written for him in most of his scenes.

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Two of my favorite parts of any tv show I've ever seen...
Scrubs! Hilarious:)

17 Signs You're Actually Becoming An Adult

I don't even agree with or like most of these, but I like this one, so I'm sharing. The fact that I can be honest about that shows I'm an adult :) 17 Signs You're Actually Becoming An Adult

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15 things only nurses will find funny nurse humor I always did love Scrubs, Laverne in particular!

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Oh Bob, kelso, scrubs, dr cox, i can see you
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I loved this show so much.