Oh Bob, kelso, scrubs, dr cox, i can see you

Convinced the show would be cancelled after the first season, the writers never allowed the Janitor to interact with a character other than J.D. so that they could reveal he was a figment of the young doctor’s imagination in the final episode. | 20 Bits Of Trivia You May Not Know About “Scrubs” 20 trivia facts about scrubs

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I don't even agree with or like most of these, but I like this one, so I'm sharing. The fact that I can be honest about that shows I'm an adult :) 17 Signs You're Actually Becoming An Adult

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Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling. Best line from Scrubs. Best line ever in anything.

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Scrubs. Dr Cox...couldn't your character have a show of its own. Like a JD monologue but with those funny insults 24/7...I guess it would get boring but not if you put more idiots around him

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