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Charybdis- Greek myth: a huge female sea monster. She was the daughter of Poseidon and Gaia. She was extremely fat and to satisfy her hunger she stole the cattle of Heracles. Enraged, zeus cursed her, and turned her into a sea monster. She now sucks in massive amounts of water three times a day creating huge whirlpools.

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Lyngbakr - a monster from Norse mythology, said to be an island that would suddenly sink into the sea when travelers set foot on it.

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The Fomorians from Irish mythology are steeped in mystery. It is unknown where they came from, or the length of time they had knowledge of Ireland, and what actually happened to them. Lady Gregory describes one Fomorian habitat as a glass tower in the sea. Many people describe them as sea fairies or sea monsters. My best guess is that they were Nephilim!

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Abraham Ortelius 1570 from the Atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. The famous Carta Marina map. Not only featuring wonderful sea monsters but also humungous whales poised to attack old sailing ships.

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Deep open water freaks me out a bit. This is what I imagine in the water. If I had to survive in the open water after a boat accident, I think I would die of a heart attack first.

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