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Seal Wars: OPERATION DESERT SEAL. Namibian Seal Clubbing still underway.85 000 baby Cape Fur Seals will be clubbed to death. @SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect


The Murder of the Whales, Courtesy of the Royal Danish Navy Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson.The blood seeps through the fjord. Photo: Mayk Wendt / Sea Shepherd


The remnants of a Dolphin carcass in Taiji after a day of massacre. This Dolphin has had its tail & fins cut off and will be taken to the warehouse to be auctioned where idiotic Japanese businessmen will buy their Mercury poisoned meat. You can see how shocking this image is by the lady's reaction.

from the Guardian

Concern for health of Greenpeace activists detained in Russia

This is Putin's Russia. Greenpeace should have known the outcome when they decided to protest :( One recalls the French blowing up the first Rainbow Warrior and the present Interpol warrant for Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conversation Society who is fighting a battle to save marine life. This is a wake up call for environmentalists that the gloves are off and if they venture out on a protest...they can expect to be beaten, jailed and even killed not by hoodlums but by governments!


Captain Paul Watson & the Sea Shepard Crew Activists trying to save the whales from being ruthlessly hunted & slaughtered to extinction. Inspiring!

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is a non-profit, marine conservation organization based in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Washington in the United States.[1] The group uses direct action tactics to protect sealife. Sea Shepherd currently operates the vessels MY Steve Irwin, the MY Bob Barker, and the MV Brigitte Bardot, and most of the group's recent activities take place in international waters.[citation needed]