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Sydney feb 19 scientist filmed and captured giant sea creatures like sea spiders size of dinner plates-reuters

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The Monstrous and Terrifying Deep-Sea Discoveries of a Russian Fisherman

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# New Family of deep-sea crab from hot vents. Its conspicuous fur has given it the informal name, Yeti crab, after the hairy abominable snowman.

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A sea spider (Pycnogonida Phoxichilidiidae: Anoplodactylus evansi) near New South Wales. Photo: Bill Rudman

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New Sea Spider Fossils Found. August 16, 2007-A rare treasure trove of ancient sea spiders found in France fills a 400-million-year gap in the mysterious creatures' spotty fossil record, scientists say. The well-preserved marine animals, called pycnogonids, were unearthed in 160-million-year-old fossil beds at La Voulte. A team of French scientists describes 70 specimensincluding the one seen above—from three distinct species found in the region's Lagerstätte, a sedimentary rock formation.

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Pink crab.

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